Who Am I? A Tale Of Intrigue And Hope

Whooo aaaammm Iiiiiiiii?????!?!? That was Jackie Chan. Yelling from a mountain-top. If you got that reference, you can smile knowing that if we ever met in person we’d probably end up good friends. If not, your lack of of Jackie Chan-related knowledge is disappointing and I sincerely hope your personality is charming as hell to … [Read more…]

Welcome To A Mouse And Her Cheese!

Hi! My name is Michelle and this is my blog, A Mouse And Her Cheese. As you may have guessed, depending on your skills of deduction, I am The Mouse. Tiny, cheese-lovin’, and somewhat cute from reasonable distances. The cheese to which I am referring is money. Chedda’, dinero, dolla dolla bills, y’all. At first … [Read more…]