About Me

Hello and welcome to A Mouse And Her Cheese! It’s nice to meet you! Please allow me to introduce myself. Or don’t, I’m going to anyways.

My name is Michelle Pedersen and I’m the author of this blog. (I sometimes say redundant things.)

I’m in my mid-20’s and I live on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada, where my boyfriend and I recently bought our first house together.

I have a full-time job as a support worker for people with disabilities.

I’ve had student loan debt, which I managed to pay off within a year at the age of 21, only to have adult life and its many expenses (okay, and bad choices) hit me in the face shortly after like a water balloon filled with cement. I’ve since found myself stuck on the hamster (mouse?) wheel of living paycheck to paycheck.

I started this blog in January 2017 because I was sick of feeling like I wasn’t in control of my own finances and the toll that it was taking on my life. I felt stuck.

I finally realized that the only way to free myself from this vicious cycle was to drastically change the way I managed my money. And I thought that maybe by teaching others what I learned along the way, it might help me learn a little better, too. And so my blog was born.

More importantly, I’m hoping that by sharing my own personal story, stupid mistakes and all, that I’ll be able to help even one other person out there in the same situation who’s ready to embark on their own journey to financial freedom. Because things always seem a little brighter when you know you’re not alone.


Are you ready to take the first step?

If you’d like a little more in-depth information about who I am and why I started this blog, check out the posts in my Start Here category.

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